Amazon and ECOT

Amazon and ECOT


I am writing to you regarding two major events that have happened recently that greatly affect the Cincinnati region. On 1/18, Amazon announced the 20 finalist cities for their HQ2 and Cincinnati did not make the cut. Although it is extremely disappointing for our region, we need to ask the hard questions and figure out why Amazon does not consider Cincinnati one of the top 20 places to open their second headquarters. It appears that the main issue Amazon had with our region is our poor public transportation system as well as our degrading infrastructure. These are two issues my opponent has ignored while in office and these are two issues I will work hard to improve if elected to Ohio’s State House.

The second issue I wanted to talk to you about is the closure of ECOT, Ohio’s largest online charter school. The Ohio Department of Education estimates that ECOT had scammed the taxpayer out of approximately $80 million by fudging their attendance numbers. As a public school teacher and an advocate for quality public education, ECOT has startled me for a long time. Regardless, I am extremely relieved that ECOT was shut down but it is disappointing that 350 students in Cincinnati now will need to find a new school. I welcome these students to enroll in legitimate, established public school districts that will not shut down and abandon their students. These legitimate and established school districts are held accountable by the tax payer and an actual board of education, unlike charter schools. As your State Representative, I will fight to end corrupt charter schools to help protect Ohio’s students as well as public school teachers.



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