On The Issues

Improve Education

Clayton has served in various capacities within the public education sector since 2012. Clayton has worked as a substitute teacher, paraprofessional, social studies teacher, as well as a special education teacher in the greater Cincinnati area. Since roughly 2011, the quality of public education in Ohio has been on the decline.

In Clayton’s eyes, these three areas have severely hurt public education in the state of Ohio:

  • A scandal ridden charter school sector
  • Budget cuts for traditional public schools at the same time as increased funding for charter schools
  • Controversial state takeovers of “failing” schools

Clayton will work tirelessly to ensure that public education returns as a priority in our state. There is a severe lack of accountability and a wide array of corruption associated with charter schools in our state. It is time to again begin investing our tax dollars into trusted public school districts that are held accountable by voters and tax payers.

Support Local Governments

Under John Kasich and the GOP controlled State House and State Senate, there has been a continuous attack on cutting resources allocated to our local governments. Cities such as Cheviot and the City of Cincinnati have been hit hard by the state government pulling back financial support that could go towards helping local governments pay for infrastructure such as fixing roads. Clayton will fight to ensure that our local governments are supported by the state and receive funds that owed to them to help support the west side.

Fund Useful Public Transportation

Clayton is an advocate of smarter ways to get around in our state. Research shows allocating resources and funding to public transportation can have positive economic benefits. In the Greater Cincinnati Area, our public transportation system is cash strapped and extremely inefficient. The Republican controlled General Assembly has slashed funding for mass transit which strains our local governments here in the Cincinnati area. Clayton vows to be an energetic supporter of public transportation in our state as well as improving public transportation that will benefit the west side.

Make Government More Accessible

We’ve entered an age in politics where many politicians disregard the wants and needs of their constituents. Clayton pledges to engage with his constituents, particularly by attending events such as community council meetings and being visible in the community he represents. Clayton takes pride in engaging with people with varying view points and listening to feedback and advice.

Help Small Businesses

When elected, Clayton will advocate for and support small businesses. Clayton will fight to attract new businesses to the west side and expand our economy. Additionally, Clayton will support efforts to train and develop our workforce.  Revitalization without gentrification.

End Pay to Play

Our government is plagued with “pay-to-play politics” where unethical political favors run rampant. The tax payer suffers as a result of this, while certain politicians and big corporations benefit. Pay to play politics makes our government inefficient and wasteful. Clayton pledges to fight against pay-to-play politics and be held accountable to voters, not lobbyists.

Environmentally Conscious

Clayton is a strong supporter of making Ohio more environmentally friendly. Clayton supports diversifying the types of energy sources we as Ohioans use, particularly encouraging more wind and solar energy sources.